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B&O Railroad Museum

901 West Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 2122

Monday - Saturday, 10 am - 4 pm Sunday, 11 am - 4 pm



The B&O Railroad Museum’s 40 acre campus is home to all the train exhibits and history that you could ever want. The museum is comprised of a roundhouse, three train platforms, the north car shop, a family activity area and an exhibition gallery. Throughout the museum, families can see a variety of trains from various periods in history and even go inside some trains to see their inner workings. While the full-size trains are the highlight of the B&O, our group also loved the various model train displays that were placed throughout the museum grounds. The three kiddie rides in the outdoor family activity area were also a big hit with the kids in our group (additional fees apply).

The museum is big but they’ve strategically placed hands-on kids activities throughout the grounds that keep little ones engaged. When you first arrive, be sure to pick up a stamp card from the ticket counter. There are 10 stamping stations located throughout the museum where kids can learn a fun fact about trains and obtain a stamp. Take your completed stamp card back to the gift shop before you leave for a prize!

In addition to the stamp card stations, there are interactive activities available throughout the grounds that are both fun and educational. The museum also features The Choo-Choo Blue Kids Zone which is specifically designed for children ages 2-8. Kids can play with toy trains, read books, build with blocks, and more.

If you’d like to rest your legs and learn the history of the B&O railroad, take a ride on the Mile One Express. Riders pass by a few of the important railroading landmarks in the area while also learning some interesting facts about the history of the B&O railroad in Maryland. Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis at admissions. Rides are offered once or twice per day, depending on the month and day of the week. Check the website for exact times

When the kids get hungry, stop by TraxSide Snax for a snack, drink or meal. They serve classic fare such as hot dogs and pizza but also offer healthy choices like yogurt and fresh fruit. TraxSide Snax offers beverages and snacks in the vending area daily during normal Museum hours but the full service menu is seasonal. Summer hours are Wednesday - Sunday, 11 am - 3 pm; after Labor Day the full service menu is only offered on weekends: Saturday 11 am - 3 pm and Sunday 12 pm - 3 pm. If you choose to bring your own food, please note that you can only eat in designated areas. 

One thing we especially love is that the museum is working to make sure that all members of the community can enjoy the amazing exhibits they have to offer. Sponsored by the Autism Society, the museum hosts special sensory friendly days once a month that allow guests with autism spectrum disorders to enter the museum one hour early for a museum experience with added signage and modified lighting & sounds, as well as the presence of additional volunteers and staff to support visitors throughout their stay. The museum also has “break boxes” placed throughout the museum that allow visitors with sensory processing differences to have access to noise cancelling headphones, fidgets, break timers, and more. 

The B&O railroad museum is one of the more unique attractions in Baltimore and is easily one of the best railroad museums in the country. Even if trains aren’t normally your thing, it’s hard not to get drawn in by the fascinating history and amazing collection that the museum has to offer. Whether you’re planning a trip to Baltimore or you call the city home, the B&O railroad museum is a must-see.


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Katie Raspa
Our work in Baltimore is truly a family affair. Husband and wife, Matt and Katie, work together to head up our ambassador team in Charm City. Katie is a Maryland native and has lived in the state her whole life. She moved to Baltimore in 2007 after graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park with a bachelor's degree in early childhood education. She has been working in the field of early childhood education as a teacher and family coach for the past 12 years. Katie also holds a Masters of Education in Literacy from Loyola University. She is passionate about giving kids and families the knowledge and tools that they need to thrive. Matt grew up in the Highlandtown neighborhood of Baltimore. As a city native, Matt is a great resource on all that the city has to offer. After months of helping Katie explore the city for her role at a Happy Active Family, he decided to put his love of writing to use and officially come on board as an ambassador. Matt and Katie have two girls, ages 5 and 7. They spend their weekends camping, hiking, or exploring other hidden gems in their area. Tap into their insider knowledge by downloading the app today!
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