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Charlotte Rail Trail

Charlotte Rail Trail, Charlotte, NC, USA

Open 24 hours


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Get some fresh air and exercise with your family on the Charlotte Rail Trail!

Charlotte Rail Trail is a 4.5-mile pathway that runs parallel to the Lynx Blue Line route from uptown to the south end. It's an easy asphalt surface for a nice stroll, run, or inexperienced bike riders with breweries, restaurants, museums and shops lining the way. The trail runs from E. 9th street Uptown to the historical Southend at Clanton Road & South Boulevard connecting several neighborhoods. The trail is decorated with public works of art and is a destination for exercise enthusiasts. The wide and smooth well-managed trail is perfect for kids on scooters, skates and bikes. Avoid the rush by going before 6 pm then stop at Jeni's Ice cream for a before-dinner treat. 

Here are a few things our family enjoys doing to break up our ride - the kids can always seem to hang a little longer when we do these! We love stopping along the way to check out the artwork and refuel (water and snack breaks are always need with our family). On our water and snack breaks, we will occasionally do a family energy boost AKA a quick workout! The kids love this, we will do 10 squats as a family (counting in Spanish), next stop 15 jumping jacks, next stop say the alphabet while we hold a plank and so forth. It’s fun for everyone and the kids love creating “workouts” and how we count how many reps we are doing. Major win for me (burning extra calories and while getting in a little workout – yay!).


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Great spot for the whole family to enjoy fresh air, great food, wine for the adults and even better views.
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