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Columbus Playlot

10030 Columbus Avenue South, Bloomington, MN, USA

Dawn until Dusk



What to Expect at the cute little Columbus Playlot in Bloomington.

The Columbus Playlot is nestled within a low-key Bloomington neighborhood, not far from Kennedy High School. You can park anywhere along the streets flanking the playground; available on both sides of the park. Paved sidewalks and a walking path lead to the playground as well, ideal for local families or those staying nearby. The Columbus Playlot is a lovely spot to end a walk or start your day. In fact, you can grab a coffee or treat from Starbucks on your way (located only a few miles away, right off 35-W). Or, treat your kiddos to McDonald's for lunch (also located a few miles away, off 35-W). A few benches and picnic tables also surround the playground, ideal for resting adults or picnics. Additionally,  you will also find a built-in portable toilet near the playground.


What Your Kids Will Love

Families will love the beautiful open area on the north and south side of the playground. This area is perfect for playing tag, flying kites, or running about after a long day of work and school. You'll also find one basketball hoop and a rustic baseball field. Active families can grab their sports equipment and immediately enjoy either activity, as this park is almost always crowd-free. In fact, we hardly ever see other families enjoying this cute, accessible playground.

While the playground is on the smaller end, it is ideal for young kids. Multiple swings and slides await your kiddos - there is even a huge slide that is sure to delight your adrenaline-loving littles. Plus, there is a double slide that kids can race down. This is one of my daughter's favorite activities when playing here! This Bloomington playground also offers an obstacle course within the playground. Here, you can play Follow the Leader or challenge kids to enhance their climbing skills.


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