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Jones Point Park and Playground

Jones Point Drive, Alexandria, VA 23242

6am - 10pm


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Explore the historic Jones Point Park at the edge of Alexandria's Old Town.

Located on the outskirts of Old Town flanking the majestic Woodrow Wilson Drawbridge, this is an ideal destination for an afternoon of fresh air, exercise, and playtime. The nautical-themed playground encourages big imaginations to run free and brings an immediate social element to play. The equipment is safe and suitable for little ones, but there are also a string of swings safely tucked to the side so big kids can reach for the skies without much risk of wobbly tots underfoot. There are also adjacent infant swings. The play area is entirely fenced in, and a soft rubber surface lies beneath the large play structures and the swings. There is even a smaller climbing structure with a playhouse for toddlers. 

Adjacent to the playground lies an open field, the bridge shelters a few basketball courts, and a second climbing playground on the opposite side of the bridge is appealing to the older set. On the south side, you'll find another massive open space that's a hotspot for dog owners, where you can check out the Jones Point Lighthouse or play in the field along the river. Your family can also learn about the historical significance of Jones Point, and the grounds of the 1800's era lighthouse. There are educational placards scattered across the vast parkland, and even the etched footfalls of a variety of animals to further connect your kids with the natural world. You can follow the path over to the lighthouse and then follow a nature walk around a bend and along the river which is also great for family biking. There is ample open paved space underneath the bridge for playing on your bikes or learning to ride a two-wheeler, which is also a great break spot on the course of the Mount Vernon Trail.

Adults will be happy with the well-kept bathrooms and the availability of benches. 

Additionally, Mount Vernon Trail runs right through the park, so Jones Point serves as an excellent place to tire out your little ones so they will nap while you head south on the trail for exercise and nature. If naps aren't going to happen for your hungry little humans, move north on the trail passing right by Windmill Hill Park. Keep going a bit further for lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso or an afternoon treat at Pop's Old Fashioned Ice Cream, both located on King Street down by the Old Town waterfront.



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Randi Banks
Randi (Betts) Banks grew up in New York and graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. She moved to Washington, D.C. more than thirteen years ago with her husband, Eaghmon, and they love to explore the area and seek out adventure, now with their two young children along for the ride. Growing up right near the beach, they are happiest when on or near the water, so exploring the rivers, lakes, and streams in the greater DC area is a favorite pastime for their family. In addition to serving as one of the Washington, DC area ambassadors, Randi is also the Editor in Chief and Co-founder of happyly.
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In Old Town, Alexandria this park has beautiful river views.
Perfect space for little ones close to Old Town.

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