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Kellog Park Playground

8277 Camino Del Oro, San Diego, CA 92037

Daylight to dark


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Can’t choose between a beach day or going to the playground? At La Jolla Shores, you don’t have to choose.

Literally steps away from one of the best beaches in Southern California is a large playground for all ages with bathrooms and large grass areas. It is a fabulous spot to enjoy the exceptional views and ocean sounds. 

Big playground space with swings for babies and big kids as well as two playsets for the different age groups and lots of slides too! Monkey bars and climbing contraptions too! 

When you’re done swinging like a monkey on the monkey bars take a stroll along the beach to find seashells or snorkel with the leopard sharks - don’t worry, they don’t bite!

Also, a wonderful option to bring a picnic and sit at one of the many picnic tables or play ball in the green space or play in the sand for hours! 




Playground Beach Ocean
Thoughtfully captured by:
Brittany B Ricketts
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Distance: 3 miles, Level: Easy
Distance: 6 miles, Level: Easy

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