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Mayfield Park & Nature Preserve

3505 W 35th St, Austin, TX, USA




Plenty of trails and a garden to wander with kids on this nature preserve - with some fun and entertaining wildlife!

Even Austinites sometimes forget just how many peacocks call our city home, but visitors of Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve in West Austin will be easily reminded because the showy birds are everywhere and their cries fill the air (at least during mating season). The peafowl are often found climbing trees, lounging on roofs, and wandering near the ponds nearby the Mayfield Cottage and Gardens, which – even without the flamboyant birds – are quite stunning. 

The trails can be found on the 21 acres of nature preserve, just outside the garden grounds. While even the littlest of legs will be able to traverse the trails, it would be a struggle for strollers as there’s tree roots and many narrow spots. Because park signs request that visitors keep noise to a minimum, Mayfield provides a great opportunity to challenge little ones with quiet games – can you hear the windchimes over the lake or a peafowl crying or a fish breaking the surface of the water? The abundance of wildlife and wildflowers also makes the preserve a wonderful spot for a nature-inspired scavenger hunt. 

The park is open daily and bathroom, albeit port-a-potties, are available. The cottage and its two acres of gardens are wheelchair (and stroller) accessible. The space is available to rent, as well, and many weddings have been held on the site. Dogs, however, are not allowed due to the wildlife.


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