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Muddy's Bake Shop East Memphis

5101 Sanderlin Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee, 38117



Stop in at the original Muddy's location in East Memphis where it all started!

For something a bit more classically subdued, Muddy’s Bake Shop is an absolute must. They are home to the best cupcakes, pies, and cakes in the entire city. All baked from scratch, they use organic whole milk, cage-free eggs, real fruit, pure extracts, and wholesome, high-quality ingredients to create their mouth-watering treats. 

I highly recommend making a stop here and trying at least one of their baked goods. Owner Kat Gordon works hard to serve her community and actively spreads love and joy through her bakeshop. Memphis loves Muddy’s and “Muddy’s loves Memphis!”




Good for All Ages
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Natalie Proctor
Natalie Proctor is what some would call a “Southern transplant” in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She grew up in Memphis, Tennessee before attending the University of Arkansas to pursue a degree in advertising and public relations with a minor in marketing logistics. Natalie attributes her love of the outdoors to her parents always encouraging her to have a deep appreciation for nature and all that the world has to offer. As a family, they spent many years growing up going on camping trips, skiing, rafting, and traveling together. While Natalie loves the seasonal lifestyle in Jackson, she was ready to become a part of something bigger and challenge herself. She found Happy Active Family at the perfect time, upon meeting Caitlin and Thomas, and strives to help other families spend meaningful time together, just as she has been able to with her own.
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