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Papago Park

Papago Park Road, Phoenix, AZ, USA

5 AM - 11 PM daily



Check Out Some of the Best Trails in Phoenix at Papago Park!

Papago Park is a gorgeous park, home to multiple hiking trails and other popular outdoor attractions. The trails are mostly easy and flat, wrapping around the stunning red butte formations. It is a great choice for walking, biking, trail running, and hiking of all skill levels. The park is split into two sides; east and west. The east side is the most popular and includes an interpretive nature trail and Hole-in-the-Rock trail, which is the best hike in the whole park! Hole-in-the-Rock is a 0.3-mile trail to a cave-like hole that looks out over downtown Phoenix.

The west side includes an accessible paved trail as well as trail loops around the rock formations. The best trail on the west side is the Double Butte Loop, a 2.3-mile trail around most of the park. Both sides have a parking lot, drinking fountains, and picnic tables, but only the east side has a restroom. The trails are open from sunrise till 11 pm, but the parking lot and gated roads are only open till 7 pm or sunset. 

This park offers much more than just hiking. Two of the most popular attractions here are the Desert Botanical Gardens and Phoenix Zoo, both with an entrance fee. There are also seven acres of stocked fishing lagoons, a golf course, archery range, orienteering course, and the Hall of Flame fire museum. You can find out more about these amenities and other important information on their website.


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Hiking, camping, fishing, and biking are all available at this great park.
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