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Scoreboard Bar and Grill

Scoreboard Bar and Grill, Sanibel Drive, Minnetonka, MN, USA

Sun 11 - 8, Mon/Tues 11-9, Wed-Sat 11-930



The popular Scoreboard neighborhood restaurant is great for family outings!

Scoreboard is the place for you, whether you're looking for a place with plenty of tvs for the big game, big portions to satisfy your family, or just tasty, comfort food for a great price. We really love catching a burger (or two) at this family-friendly spot.

This past weekend, we were heading just outside the Twin Cities for a wonderful farm stay - that's basically camping on a farm rather than at a regular campground. The kids were fussy, wild, and man, were they hungry!! I guess you could say they were "hangry!" This tired mommy decided Scoreboard was the ideal place to get my littles back on track, and I was right! One thing I love about this restaurant is that they offer really tasty, cheap kids meals. I don't know exactly why, but my kiddos love getting a kids meal, made just their size, rather than when I order a big burger and cut it in half. I guess I do know why - as I kid, I always loved things that were made smaller, like it was made just for me. Anyways, the kids meals are about $5, which is amazing, and include my kiddos' favorite, which is the two mini cheeseburgers and fries you see in the photo. Before this meal, my kids were tired, hangry, and wild, but after they ate, they were happy the whole way to the farm! I've personally always loved the cheeseburgers here with bleu cheese on top - like heaven on a bun!

After filling your belly at Scoreboard, head just a few blocks north to lovely Lone Lake Park and hit the gorgeous wooded trails behind the playground.


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