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Sea Turtle Conservation Center

8740 Gulf Blvd, Navarre, FL 32566, USA

Tuesday to Saturday 10am-4pm


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Come visit Sweet Pea the at the Sea Turtle Conservation Center in Navarre Beach, Florida. 

You will learn so much here at the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center about all kinds of sea life. The mission of their facility is to “give sea turtles more tomorrows.” You will encounter sea turtles, jellyfish, crabs, seahorses, and other types of turtles as well. Upon entering the facility, you will hear a presentation about their resident sea turtle, Sweet Pea. She is a rehabilitated sea turtle who will stay here since she is unsafe to live in the wild after her injuries from a fishing boat. According to their website, “for many guests, Sweet Pea is the first sea turtle they have seen, and her story tells of the dangers, and promise, that human choices have on this imperiled species.”

After the presentation by the knowledgeable staff, you will have free roam of the rest of the center. There are exhibits in the museum showing the effects of pollution and litter, as well as showing how turtles lay eggs and their hatchlings find the ocean. My son is a toddler and loved seeing the live animals here. There is an outdoor area with turtles in the sand to look at, and interactive activities for kids to play!

They have a gift shop with books, stuffed animals, and educational materials that you can look through on your way out of the center. 

Note- you will likely have to wait 15-20 minutes to go inside if it is a busy day at the center. If there is lightning in the area, you will be asked to make an appointment in person to avoid standing outside and waiting. 


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