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Swansea Park Playground

Swansea Park, East 49th Avenue, Denver, CO, USA

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An amazing playground in a residential area created for kids, by kids.

If you’re ready to wow your kids with a new playground, Swansea Park is one of Denver’s hidden gems! What I appreciated most about the playground was that it was actually designed by local elementary school children through Radian’s "Imagine the Possibilities" youth leadership program. From the way my girls (ages 6, 10, 12) reacted, I’d say they did a fantastic job!

When you arrive, you’ll park at the Swansea Recreation Center and will need to walk a short distance to get to the playground area. Along the way is a fitness park with a variety of equipment to get some exercise in! I would highly recommend going with a picnic lunch because your kids will be playing for a while.

The large play structure is unique with its blue peaks and orange (very high) slides. There are rope obstacles inside and under the structure, a bridge to crawl through and rope nets on the outside. You’ll also find single bars, rings, and complicated ways to climb inside. As if that part of the playground wasn’t exciting enough, there is also a long zip line high off the ground. It gives quite the thrill!

There is a second section to the play area designed for younger ages. It has a small blue playhouse, small slide on a turf-covered hill, disc swing, traditional swings (no baby swings though), net trampoline and multi-seat spinner. There is also a field of tall logs to weave through setting up the kids for a fun obstacle course!

Things to Know: There is a portable restroom available. Additional activities you’ll find are a horseshoe pit, basketball court, baseball field, walking path and the Swansea Recreation Center.

Looking to extend your day of fun? Check out the free tour of Hammond’s Candies factory just 10 minutes away or head to another playground like the City of Nairobi park (complete with hippo and giraffe)!


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Thoughtfully captured by:
Christy Schaefer
Christy Schaefer has lived in Colorado her entire life and loves every bit of the changing seasons and mountain sunsets. She was raised in Arvada, got her degree in Mathematics from CSU in Fort Collins and now lives in Erie with her husband Jeff and three daughters. Around six years ago, Christy started a #parktour with her girls as a way to meet friends, get outside and enjoy the Colorado sunshine. She created www.slidesandsunshine.com to help other parents find amazing places to take their kids, encouraging imagination and physical activity. Playgrounds are their favorite place to go and they have visited almost 200 parks since starting this adventure. She looks forward to sharing these hidden gems and giant playgrounds across Colorado with all of you!
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