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West Meade Waterfall

402 Hathaway Court, Nashville, Tn 37205




There is a beautiful, not very well-known waterfall in the city limits of Nashville: the West Meade Waterfall. 

And truly, there is zero effort involved in getting to it.  Just put "West Meade Waterfall" in Google Maps, drive through the beautiful West Meade neighborhood and you'll be taken right to the base of it.  You can literally stop on your way to Costco to get your nature fix.  It's a lovely rock face in the middle of a suburban neighborhood.  It's certainly no Falls Creek Falls but, to be in the city limits, it's quite a rare treasure.  

We woke up early on a Sunday morning after a nighttime rain to visit.  They say it's a bit more "full" after a hard rain.  Even though it had rained the night before for us, it was not much more than a trickling stream but still beautiful.

Funds were raised years ago to purchase it for the public good.  According to TennGreen.org, "In 2013, TennGreen purchased the waterfall using funds from the Bob Brown Emergency Land Fund. In 2014, the conservancy led a fundraising campaign to repay the Emergency Land Fund. In 2015, Metro Nashville took ownership of the property and TennGreen and Metro Nashville dedicated the land."

Directions from Downtown Nashville: 402 Hathaway Court or simply take West End west to the Hwy 100/Hwy 70 split; veer right to follow Hwy 70. Turn right onto Brook Hollow Road. Turn left onto Jocelyn Hollow Road. The West Meade Waterfall is located at the end of the last culdesac to your left, Hathaway Court.


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