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YoYo Donuts

YoYo Donuts * Coffee * Ice Cream, Sanibel Drive, Minnetonka, MN, USA

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If you love colorful, creative donuts, or just a classic treat, YoYo Donuts is a great stop for families.

This place is seriously so fun! We typically eat pretty healthfully, so we do like to enjoy a little something sweet once in a while. YoYo is always a hit with our crew. They have everything from classic, plain long johns or sprinkle donuts, to wild and crazy flavors for the risk-taking treat-lover. One of their signature donuts is the maple and bacon...I'm not personally brave enough to try it, but it is among the favorites in our family! They also bake a S'mores-flavored donut, and it doesn't get much more fun than that! They specialize in cereal-topped donuts, like Coco Puffs, and Coco Pebbles (so fun!!). Our other fave here is Girl Scout-inspired, and tastes just like the delicious Caramel DeLites! And, last but not least, the infamous "Wormie in the Dirt" donuts as the girls call them. Ok, so it's a gummy worm, to them it's still a worm.

During the summertime, they also carry ice cream, which can be purchased either by the cone, or by the tub to bring home (yum!). YoYo also carries delicious coffee, which means this momma can save a trip to the coffee shop! It's clearly a win-win here. Parking is free here, and there's a sizeable lot to park in, including designated spots for YoYo.

Once you've enjoyed your crazy maple-bacon donut (or a not so crazy donut) head across the street to the delightful Lone Lake Park & Playground for some family fun!



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