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Zoo Atlanta

800 Cherokee Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA 30315



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Zoo Atlanta Has Every Animal Imaginable and Is a Fun Outing for Both Kids and Adults--The Gorilla Exhibit Is Awesome!

As you would expect of any large zoo in a major metropolitan area, this place is wild. Name an animal, any animal! Zoo Atlanta has him, his mother, and his cousin! The zoo is broken into several habitats, including an African Rain Forest, where no one should miss the famous and expansive gorilla exhibit. Home to Atlanta’s very own Willie B, since deceased, but arguably one of the most famous gorillas in the world. Over 20 adult and baby gorillas are sure to dazzle with their entertaining antics! 

At Boundless Budgies: A Parakeet Adventure, purchase little sticks with bird food and have a colorful lark come to land on your shoulder for a song and a snack. Trader’s Alley and Complex Carnivores; Home to some of the cutest bear cubs around, this area focuses on the education and promotion of species impacted by the international wildlife trade. African Plains; Get your safari on!! Here is the home of some of Africa’s most well-known and exciting residents, including lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, and rhinos. Giant Pandas; One of only four exhibitions in the entire world where you can view a family of giant panda bears in their natural environment. There is a ‘Panda Cam’ set up, so when you say ‘Farewell,’ you can check in periodically from home. Donations of bamboo are always welcome! Asian Forest; Where the Komodo dragons play all day! The tiger exhibit is always a thrill as well! This borough also houses giant otters, sun bears, and the ever-hilarious orangutans. The World of Reptiles is the Zoo’s latest expansion project. A wondrous indoor display of over 450 enormous slitherin’ snakes, snappin’ turtles, and chompin’ gators! Outback Station Children’s Zoo; Not just your run-of-the-mill petting station! Hop alongside a kangaroo or have your own miniature pig race! Do not miss the fantastic playground in this area, as well (just past the famous carousel). There are several food options inside, including a brand-new, health-conscience café, or there is a slew of picnic tables at the entrance just begging for a party! As they say, “Crawl, stomp, slither, swim, fly, walk, or drive on over!” Any day at the Atlanta Zoo is a day well-spent.

*photos courtesy of Zoo Atlanta*


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