The Big Thing: Taking Charge of the Emotional Health of Children in this New World

Published on June 01, 2020 - Updated on June 01, 2020

A Lovely, Honest Tale that Shines an Important Light on the Effects of COVID-19

the big thing

While we may not all see visible signs of stress developing in our children as a result of this pandemic, it is imperative that we take a proactive approach to long term anxiety prevention. Cue The Big Thing, a free children’s story addressing the effects of COVID-19 through the eyes of our youth.

The creative and philanthropic team that produced this amazing book considered every angle when crafting a clear and beautiful response to potential fears. A combined effort of individuals from all over the world, with a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds, the project stemmed from a desire for unity through a lens of healing, resilience, and the pursuit of a silver lining.

the big thing

While the effects of the virus, both positive and negative, are the focus of the book, many current issues are touched on, including climate change, gender roles and fluidity, and showing gratitude for the bravery and dedication of all those keeping the world up and running. It is through a better understanding of the way our world has changed that triggers the main character, a little girl named Bea, to experience an enlightening shift in perspective.

The Big Thing is simultaneously honest and careful, realistic and hopeful. It is a must-read for children, and truthfully in this unprecedented time, a good reminder for adults too.

the big thing

You can read the book for free or purchase to donate to UNICEF USA’s Covid Relief Fund all on their website at

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