Banish Boredom with These Easy + Fun At-Home Projects

Published on March 24, 2020 - Updated on March 24, 2020

Help Banish Boredom with These Easy + Fun At-Home Projects

Well, we're all at least a few days into some sort of working, playing, or schooling from home. How has it been for you!? I know that it always helps us when we've got a running list of fun projects to pull from, so we've been hard at work this week making video tutorials of some of our favorite projects from our book, Banish Boredom

We have some science projects for you, including how to explore Density by layering different substances you have at home. Our kids also love to watch the chemical reaction between Hydrogen Peroxide and yeast in making Elephant Toothpaste too! If you had a chance to check out those videos, you can also try:

- making Saltwater Taffy Slime 

- growing your own crystals

- or putting together your own Potions Station

banish boredom

For some real sensory fun, we shared our basic Oobleck or Goop recipe using super basic pantry items. If you're looking to take sensory play to the next level, try: 

- Icy Goop (great to do outside!)

- keep winter around with our Snow Putty

- clean up with our DIY Bath Playdough

banish boredom

We also shared a few of our favorite art projects. Paint printmaking is a great project for kids of all ages. And our DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint will get everyone outside for some fresh air! If you are looking for additional art project inspiration, see if your young artists are interesting in trying: 

- an Angular Art Project 

- Multimedia Collage on Cardboard

- or maybe making everyone Party Hats to celebrate getting through this together

banish boredom

Stay happy + healthy, everyone!

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