Top Ten Family-Friendly Podcasts

Published on July 06, 2020 - Updated on July 15, 2020

Road Trip Entertainment that Kids Will Love and the Parents Will Too!

We are sending you out on the road in this week’s features, galavanting across Virginia or journeying into Tennessee. I personally can’t wait to plan a trip to Memphis after reading about some of Natalie’s top spots in her beloved hometown. 

Whether you are just dreaming of future travel (and need a little quiet time to do it), or have a safe road trip destination scheduled, it’s always smart to be armed with great podcasts ideas for the kids.

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But Why

Have you ever met a curious kid? Haha, of course, you have! Questioning the world around is part of the fabric of childhood. What many kids love most about this show, is that it is actually driven by their real questions. Kids come up with the questions and the adults do the research and prepare a real and accurate answer to each of them!

Curious Kid Podcast

Going into depth about a new chosen topic each week, from bicycles to air conditioning, tornadoes, and even Play-Doh! The hosts are Jacob and his six-year-old daughter Olivia, and deliver details that explain everything you might want to know about the chosen topic and so many fun facts you wouldn’t even think to ask! They also feature mini-episodes that teach about each US President in order!

Wow In The World

Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas (formerly the host of the “Absolutely Mindy!” satellite radio show) host a daily NPR show designed to connect families through discovery. They examine and explain interesting things in science and technology and it’s as entertaining for kids of all ages as it is for their grownups!

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Mystery Recipe

A podcast that focuses on a new ingredient you find in the kitchen for each episode. It’s packed with creative segments and games. The team discusses the ingredients in great depth, and in the process, you learn about different cultures, cooking techniques, and many interesting uses of each one. It’s entertaining for the whole family!

Family Road Trip Trivia Podcast

A mother and her three kids create a trivia game with a new theme each week. They are appropriate for all ages and they do not rush the answers so little ones have time to think it over. Topics include Animal Trivia, Disney Trivia, Holiday Trivia, Kid Movie & TV Show Trivia episode and so much more!

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Disney Magic of Storytelling

This podcast covers all the classic Disney stories, and they are read in fun voices with sound effects. They range in length but have a rhythm to the reading that keeps the attention of little ones from start to finish.

Circle Round

Folktales from around the world about morals and values adapted for the podcast. The stories are accented with music, sound effects, and character voices and generally featuring a well-known artist or performer. 


There are a variety of categories you can choose from, and Storynory features over 600 stories. They have been creating free audiobooks for kids since 2005, and retell fairytales, classic stories, and also produce popular original content. There are stories for kids of different ages, but parents will love them too.

Little Stories for Tiny People

Specifically geared for little ones, this podcast created and performed by Rhea Pechter. The stories are carefully selected and they are paired with conversation and messages from Rhea herself, and she is engaging and light while it’s a great resource for bedtime stories!

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Noodle Loaf

Brooklyn based Dan Saks and his two daughters make music education fun! He introduces songs and music games for families to enjoy together. There are about ten minutes of interactive fun in each episode. Kids are entranced by the rhythm of the show and it’s silly and fun!

Why podcasts? Well if you haven’t noticed podcasts have exploded in popularity and they basically cover every subject you can think of. They are popular for so many reasons, but especially because they enable multitasking and don’t overstimulate in the same way screen time can. 

Understanding this benefit, we absolutely encourage our children to listen as a preferable alternative to using devices! They can simultaneously do crafts, color, clean up their toys, or just have some calm, educational time in the car during road trips. 

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If you need a moment for a call or a podcast of your own, headphones are always an option. That said, we selected these podcasts because they are appealing to all ages, and listening with your children fosters dialogue and analysis that can bring you closer together as a family. There is something for everyone on this list, so we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Do you have a favorite podcast that’s not on our list? We’d love to hear about it at Please share your road trip highlights on Instagram @gethappyly.

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