Top Five Children’s Books To Read Out Loud

Published on July 15, 2020 - Updated on July 16, 2020

Our List of Hilarious Books Sure to Make Your Little Ones Laugh!

Maintaining structure during this unusual time is so important for our kids, and scheduling a consistent time to read books together is an easy and fun way to do it. Whether at bedtime, right when they rise, during a period of “quiet time” in the afternoon, or all three, reading to your children (even if they can read themselves) is an opportunity to bond that is rewarding for every member of the family.

There are so many amazing, well-loved options in our home, but we pared them down to our top five most requested - the ones that would make the shortlist for a road trip. Even though these books have seen very active use, they still make our little ones LOL. 

The Day the Crayons Quit

Written by Drew Daywalt, Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers


I read this to my daughter’s preschool class and every single child was giggling away. It also guides you right into an easy interaction after the story, as each child is excited to share their favorite color and tell the class what they like to draw with that color. You can practice silly voices with your kids at home, inspired by how you think some of the colors would sound if they actually could talk! There is also a sequel to this book, The Day the Crayons Came Home, and the voices can get even more funny and creative for this one!

The Book With No Pictures

Written by B. J. Novak


While this book does not meet the typical children’s book criteria as a picture book, it certainly makes up for it in hilarity. Any reader can make this sound funny as well since different voices or accents aren’t important elements of reading it aloud. While I could have done without the use of the word “butt,” it’s used in a nonsensical and silly way that is more like a sound than a word -  and the kids crack up every single time. This book is a necessary addition to your library.

The Wonky Donkey

Written by Craig Smith, Illustrated by Katz Cowley


An adorable book about a donkey that has a few noticeably unique characteristics. It’s fun to read and rhythmic with descriptive words that serve as a bonus memorizing element for little ones excited about learning to read. The book was written back in 2005 but apparently came back into popularity in recent years. Some people find Smith’s humor offensive in that the donkey is referred to as wonky for being different, but the lightness of it can almost have the opposite effect, arguably normalizing such differences. According to their teacher, it was one of my son’s preschool class favorites!

Interrupting Chicken

Written and Illustrated by David Ezra Stein


This all too familiar interaction between a father and his son will have parents chuckling, while little ones will get a kick out of the whole process of reading it. It’s easy to get a laugh even when you read it in your own voice. It may even open their eyes to their own tendencies - a little extra self-awareness is always a good thing! It’s a fun lesson in empathy in a silly, laid back way. 

Skippyjon Jones

Written and Illustrated by Judy Schachner


How are your accents? Whether you want to or not you’re about to find out! This one is so funny, and it is impossible not to slip into an accent in the process. Skippyjon is a mischievous little Siamese cat who believes he is a Chihuahua. He is always ready for some fun, and actively exercises his imagination through play. My little ones find the word choices so silly, and they never hurry to turn the page while I’m reading because there is so much to see on the page! 

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