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Artesani Playground Wading Pool and Spray Deck

1255 Soldiers Field Rd, Boston, MA 02135

Wading Pool (6/14-9/2) 10am-6pm; Spray Deck (6/14-9/2) 9:30am-7pm


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Artesani Playground Wading Pool and Spray Deck is the perfect place to spend a summer day!

We make sure to get to Artesani splash pad a few times every summer. It’s easy to spend the day here and has all the amenities you need. Along with a large playground, there is a spray deck area and a wading pool. There are indoor bathrooms and the wading pool is even staffed with two lifeguards! They close the wading pool for about 15 minutes relatively frequently for testing the water quality and cleaning.

The playground and wading pool were totally renovated in recent years. The playground has all new equipment, and the wading pool was expanded. Both areas are fenced in, with benches along the perimeter. The splash pad is not fenced in, but has covered benches around it.

The playground has multiple structures. Large circle swings as well as baby swings are located on either side.  Two pirate ship shaped play structures with slides, rope walk, pretend canons, spinning steering wheels and lots of different interactive object along the way. There is a four person seesaw and a twirling seat (be careful this thing is fast and doesn't stop, I had to help my boys stop it and get off before they got sick!) There’s also some climbing cubes next to the largest climbing structure.

Parking is easy, there’s a huge lot adjacent to the playground. During the summer you can often find an ice cream truck parked there for an extra treat! The park sits on the banks of the Charles River, so in the summer you can watch the rowers, motor boats, and ducks pass by. There is also a long river walk that stretches over eight miles and provides a picturesque walk or bike ride to Downtown Boston. Throughout the park stand picnic tables for anyone choosing to bring a picnic lunch.


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Noreen Hughes
I have lived in the Boston area for well over a decade, first as a student, then as an early childhood teacher, and now as a mother of three. With my family, we enjoy trying new restaurants, going to museums, meeting friends at area playgrounds, and traveling to new countries. In the summer we spend a lot of time at the beach with family, and in the winter we love sledding and building snow forts. In my free time, I love planning trips and outings, reading, trying new foods, cooking, and traveling.
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