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Axis Gymnastics

980 West Broadway, Jackson, WY, USA

Call or see website for current schedule; summer hours are limited.



Axis Gymnastics: Indoor Fun your Kids will Love!

Axis Gymnastics is a truly incredible space in Jackson where kids can freely play. With a variety of equipment, this indoor venue is perfect for a rainy or wintery day.

Unleashed at Preschool Gym in three words: Exhilarating, adorable, hilarious. If you’ve ever watched gymnasts train, you know how much structure, discipline, and rigidity are enforced. Axis abandons that stereotype when they open their doors for the preschool gym. Upon walking in, you’ll see free-spirited kids running rampant.

Gaggles of tots parade from trampoline to trampoline and some take literal pit stops to take the 5-foot plunge off the horse into the foam pit below. Balance beams and uneven bars are set at heights in a way that offers an adrenaline rush but no real risk and the parkour stations and ginormous mats make for challenging climbs and soft tumbles.

Safe Space for Kids to Tire Themselves out with Exercise

The gym is large and open so it’s never a challenge to find your child if they get lost in the mix. Parents, nannies, and caregivers linger about, every so often closing the distance between themselves and their adventurous preschoolers.

And there’s nothing like an hour of Axis to ensure a long nap for your children when they get home. The staff is really kind and helpful, but they do expect you to supervise whoever you bring. The greatest strife will arise from having to take turns on the trampoline that leads into the foam pit, but as long as there is a willing leader to take charge of giving kids the boot when their time is up, the conflict will cease.

The Preschool gym at Axis welcomes kids ages 1-5. Hours and days vary by season so best to check the website, however, there is no open gym during the summer season.


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Thoughtfully captured by:
Emily Coleman
Emily Coleman is a Jersey girl born and raised who caught the outdoor bug upon moving to Vermont to pursue a degree in Adventure Education and Environmental Studies from Green Mountain College. She spent most of her years before college deeply entrenched in the world of competitive cheerleading before discovering a passion for outdoor sports including mountain biking, white water kayaking, bikepacking, backpacking, slacklining, rock climbing, and skiing. Having been surrounded by children her entire life in her mother's daycare, she always had a strong affinity for kids. She moved to the mountains of Jackson Hole after graduating to coach for the local Kayak Club during the summers and nanny in the winters. Becoming a part of the Happy Active Family team felt like the perfect collision of her passion for building strong community bonds and encouraging an outdoor lifestyle.
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