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Beauvoir Playground

3500 Woodley Road, NW, Washington, DC, 20016

Not available during school hours.



An incredible, unique playground that is open to the public on weekends, holidays, and non-school hours.

The Beauvoir playground is incredibly kid-friendly and amazing for elementary school-aged children because – surprise – it's the playground for the National Cathedral Elementary School. Using equipment imported from Germany and made from natural materials, the play structures are both beautiful and very different from what you find at most other playgrounds in the city, perfect for adventurous and active kids looking for something new. There are huge towers to climb with suspended rope bridges between them, as well as a section of climbing logs, plus swings, monkey bars, and a zipline. Yes, you read that right. There is a zipline that's a safe distance from the ground and a lot of fun! The playing field is made from artificial turf. While some areas of the playground are designed for older children, you'll also find a fun section called the "Little Village" – perfect for younger children, although I'd recommend pretty close supervision for ages 3-5, even in this section. Also, imaginative kids will enjoy playing in the rock cave and exploring other natural elements of the playground. 

Know Before You Go

One word of caution: There's a slide that comes down from a triangular tower at the top of the playground, which is essentially a kid cannon and is not for the faint of heart. Kids hurtle down it and shoot out the bottom at considerable speed. The playground is enclosed, but it's large so it's easy to lose sight of your little children – especially if you're with more than one or have kids of varying ages who want to play in different areas.

Additionally, there are no bathrooms available when the school is closed, so – essentially – there are no bathrooms since the park is only open to the public when school is out of session.

Restaurant Nearby For A Snack Break

Before you head to the playground, grab a picnic lunch at nearby Jetties Macomb on your way. Another even closer option is Open City, a great cafe-style restaurant next to the National Cathedral (which is also worth a visit) for a cup of coffee and a pastry, ice cream, or great food! If you want to picnic in a beautiful location, the Bishop's Garden is a hidden oasis in the city steps from the playground.

Nearby Playgrounds

If you find Beauvoir unavailable, not to worry, Macomb Park Playground is less than half a mile and Newark Park Playground, less than a mile away.


There are summer camps that limit the hours of this playground. 5:30 is a sure thing!!


Playground Big Kid Swings Zipline
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