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Colón Park (Colón Beach)

Colón Park, Aguadilla Pueblo, Aguada, Puerto Rico

Dawn - dusk


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Colón Park has a beach with a treehouse that kids will love!

Colón Park (or Colón Beach) is a Puerto Rico must for families with young kids (and older kids too!). Truly a haven for kids, Colón Park offers a variety of things to do. Colón Park is beloved by locals and tourists alike.

First head to the giant treehouse built into a huge Banyan tree in the middle of Colón Park. You are sure to get gasps of awe from children as soon as they see it! Let them race around the wooden platforms that make up this massive treehouse. If you're not up for exploring the treehouse yourself, there are plenty of picnic tables and benches around the green space for you to rest or set up a picnic. Nearby, there is also a small playground.

When you're done exploring the treehouse, head to the long stretch of beach. This full-sun beach offers soft golden sands (ideal for making sandcastles) and shallow waters. Depending on the tides, there can be dips in the underwater sands here, so watch your footing and hold on to toddlers and infants. Without a doubt, everyone can wade in the water or build sandcastles easily here.

If you get hungry, most days offer several vendors that flank the park. You can eat everything from pinchos to ice cream. Not to mention, you will likey be able to purchase a few small trinkets too. At some point during your visit, don't forget to walk to the end of the wave breaker for a family photograph.

There are some rustic bathrooms that families can use here too. Amenities and parking options may change between high season (May to August) and low season (September to April). 


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