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Discovery Place Kids Rockingham

Discovery Place Kids-Rockingham, 233 East Washington Street, Rockingham, NC, USA

Wed.-Sun., 9:30am-4:30pm


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Part of Charlotte's Discovery Place Museum, Discovery Place Kids children's museum is loads of fun. 

Located in Downtown Rockingham, this two-story museum features interactive, hands-on experiences for young kids to learn about science, art, pretend play, and more. You enter Discovery Place Kids via the first floor, where you'll find a baby and toddler zone, as well as a cafe (not one adults will want to eat at), pet vet, car shop, fire station and truck, and more.

For kids three and under, the toddler section has toys, mirrors, a playground area, and bench seating. A low wall surrounds the space to ensure there are no little people escapes. The cafe-meets-grocery store includes a large counter for kids to cook up and serve food, check out groceries, and shop. Behind this is the pet vet, where kids can take care of stuffed animals, examine x-rays, and play. The fire station comes next, with a hose that shoots balls to "extinguish" the flames (which is so fun!). Kids can also ride on and explore the old-time fire truck. 

A large stage is also on the ground floor. This is where staff puts on regular dance parties, but when not in use, kids can put on their own show and play with puppets. 

You'll go downstairs to access the second floor, which features a treehouse—complete with spaces to climb and even build a shelter, an experiment lab where staff experiments happen twice daily, and an arts and crafts studio where kids can get creative with different craft materials. In our experience, the water table area is a very popular favorite among the kids. The museum does provide smocks for water play, my kids always end up really wet, so plan accordingly: bring a change of clothes and hit this spot last.

Restrooms can be found on both floors. A sitting area where you can enjoy home-brought snacks, lunch, and drinks is also available. We recommend packing a lunch for your visit.

This is one of two great Discovery Place establishments. Though smaller than the Huntersville location, it still promises hours of educational entertainment. If you live on the east side of Charlotte or passing through on your way to the beach, Rockingham's Discovery Place Kids is a great place to come, play, and explore. When you're done, enjoy some of the great restaurants around Downtown. 


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Allison Towner
A Charlotte, NC transplant, Allison was born and raised in Texas. She has a degree in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University. Allison loves to scuba dive, travel, garden, and be active. She has a lovely husband and two smart, playful kids, a girl and boy. A love for nature and the outdoors has always been a passion of hers and now she gets to continue that with her family. They love to explore new places and go on family camping and hiking trips. Allison and her family live on a 12-acre homestead with ducks, chickens, and a garden. Outside life is important to their family and wants to share that passion with others.
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