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Fainting Goat Vineyard and Winery

Fainting Goat Vineyards, Vineyard Way, Jasper, GA, USA

Mon-Sat 12-6, Sun 12:30-6



Fainting Goat Winery combines great wine and great views, with a dash of whimsy courtesy of their goats.

Fainting Goat was such an escape from the hustle bustle of the day. The location is well-marked and there is a sign on the road at the entrance so it is easy to find. We went on Fathers’ Day so I expected it to be very busy, and it was. Only it didn’t feel like it—outdoor seating is plentiful.

As you drive up you can see the tasting room peeking over the top of the vines. And the view from the top is just stunning. All I could say was “wow” as we drove up to the property. The winery sits at the top of a hill and the vista below is rows of vines, and the mountains of northern Georgia. Parking is easy and there is more than enough behind the tasting room. Find a seat outside and enjoy the view from any of the plentiful tables shaded under large trees.  

The tasting room offers wine by the glass, flights or by the bottle. In addition to wine, they also offer pre-packaged charcuterie boards and other snacks. But if you want to do lunch up there, outside food is welcome. We saw multiple groups of people who brought in coolers of food to picnic on the grounds. Additionally, there were children of all ages playing in the open grassy areas, and checking in on the goats.

My kids loved interacting with the animals! There are four goats on the property and two Great Pyrenees dogs to guard them. All of the animals, however, are in large pens, separate from the guest area.

All in all, Fainting Goat provided a relaxing afternoon with our children and our child-free friends.


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