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Fred Festerson Park and Playground

2275 Village Green Dr, Roseville, CA 95747, USA

opens at sunrise, closes one hour after sunset


playground, run

Fred Festerson park is full of activities and features for all ages!

Fred Festerson is our go-to local park; there’s a little kid play structure that's shaped like a train, big kid play structure complete with a three-story winding tunnel slide, swings (both baby and big kid), sand volleyball courts that double as a gigantic sandbox, boccé ball courts, two covered seating pavilions, benches and (gasp!) bathrooms!

We love going to Fred Festerson park because whatever mood the kids are in, they can always find something they enjoy doing there. One of my children loves play structures and will spend the entire time climbing the rope ladder, sliding down the firefighter’s pole, or going down one of the three large slides. They also enjoy the spinning feature that can really get going fast with help from a parent or sibling! Their favorite game is to try and circle the entire big kids' playground without touching the bark "lava." My other child plays in the immaculate large grassy fields, enjoys the trees and birds and spends the majority of the time in the sand. They both love the looping sidewalks that are perfect for scootering and young bike riders. There is also a larger paved loop that circles the large grassy fields and connects with the open space bike trail so parents in the area enjoy going for a jog and stopping at the park at the end to rest in the shade.

This park is a favorite for birthday parties and there are frequently larger soccer and volleyball games during the weekends, so we try to enjoy this park during the week. If you are trying to snag the park for a birthday party, it is first come first serve so get there early to save a covered pavilion for your party!


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Thoughtfully captured by:
Jennifer Kesler
Jennifer is a mom of two living in Roseville, CA, just northeast of Sacramento. A former graphic designer and Etsy shop owner, Jennifer enjoys spending time exploring parks, nature, and activities with her kids. She loves reading and is always on the lookout for new books for her kids and herself. She also enjoys many artistic and creative projects including sewing, weaving, painting, fabric printing and knitting.
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