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SeaQuest Folsom

430 Palladio Pkwy, Folsom, CA 95630, USA

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 10am-6pm


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From feeding stingrays to petting a capybara, SeaQuest Folsom is fun for all ages!

SeaQuest is home to over 300 species of land and sea animals spread throughout the 20,000 square foot facility. We were drawn to visit by the huge tank of stingrays, which you can purchase snacks for and feed over the top of the tank. We were then surprised by each new section and the amazing animals we encountered; a giant tortoise, two sloths, hungry catfish, an armadillo, iguanas, a capybara, parakeets, otters, a bunny, chickens, wallabies, a porcupine, snakes, starfish and anemones, and so much more! Though we had purchased plenty of feeding tokens, my younger children were mostly happy to see the animals and pet them gently rather than feed them food. If you plan on feeding the animals, I’d recommend arriving as early as possible. The animals are fed their nutritionally balanced diet and the food from visitors is their “dessert” and they can only eat so much!

If you’re looking for a special encounter, there are a few available for an additional cost at SeaQuest: snorkel with the stingrays, asian otter interaction, porcupine interaction, and sloth interaction.

We were pleasantly surprised by how many of the animals were within reach and could be touched safely. Use caution if you have a toddler or child that isn’t yet able to gently touch animals. SeaQuest is stroller friendly, so it may be as easy as buckling in to keep both the animals and child safe and happy!

We had a great afternoon exploring all the animals and sea life, we even went around the loop a second time! And one last tip, the gift store is the only way in and out of the building so we like to “take a picture for our wish list” of the items each child likes to avoid extra purchases!


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Jennifer Kesler
Jennifer is a mom of two living in Roseville, CA, just northeast of Sacramento. A former graphic designer and Etsy shop owner, Jennifer enjoys spending time exploring parks, nature, and activities with her kids. She loves reading and is always on the lookout for new books for her kids and herself. She also enjoys many artistic and creative projects including sewing, weaving, painting, fabric printing and knitting.
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