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Grand Marais Harbor

211 Wisconsin St, Grand Marais, MN 55604, USA

Dawn until Dusk


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Visit the Grand Marais Harbor in central Grand Marais for beautiful views of Lake Superior and the lighthouse. 

Nestled in the center of Grand Marais is the most darling little harbor you've ever seen. Home to a few boats, the Grand Marais Harbor is one of the best things to visit in Grand Marais with kids. Here, your kids can idly watch the seagulls, boats, and waves. It's also a great place to get a view of the Grand Marais Lighthouse.

Located within the heart of the city, you can't miss the harbor. In fact, you will likely see it every day while visiting Grand Marais with your family. It's a great place to begin and end each day. While here, enjoy a cup of coffee from Java Moose or a custard cone from Sydney's. Better yet, grab your morning donuts from the World's Best Donuts and set up a little breakfast picnic. 

Kids will adore heading to the Grand Marais Harbor each day to throw rocks into the waves. Indeed, this will be your little one's favorite thing to do in town! Teach kids how to skip rocks into Lake Superior, or throw a blanket down and enjoy your day. It's a great place to read, sketch, or relax. If you're lucky, you may even see a few local artists who have set up their canvass for the day.

In warmer weather, brave kids can wade into the Grand Marais Harbor. However, you likely won't be swimming here, as Lake Superior temperatures are still pretty chilly this far north, even during the summer months. Some families choose to put their kids in bathing suits, while others hike up their pants to wade into the lake. Either way, kids will adore splashing and finding rocks in the water. Then, in the winter months, buddled-up kids can still come to see the icy rocks and roaring waves from a safe distance. 

Parking is readily available on the street nearby. There is also a public parking lot in the center of town (where the closest public restrooms are - look for the big seagull painted on a building) and near the Grand Marais Lighthouse.


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