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Linville Falls and Trails

8328 Biggerstaff Ave, Newland, NC 28657

Dawn - dusk


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Linville Falls is the most famous waterfall along the Blue Ridge Parkway. 


At milepost 316.3 - 317.8 along the Blue Ridge Parkway, you can visit Linville Falls and Visitor Center. Trails near the visitor center lead you to the breathtaking three-tiered Linville Falls over the Linville Gorge. These trails can be both strenuous and moderate. The steep-walled Gorge is known as the “Grand Canyon of the Southern Appalachians.”

The trails include four overlooks to the waterfalls, where you will find wildflowers and foliage along the way. The two most traveled trails are the Linville Falls trail (0.8 miles, moderate) that gives you views of the Upper Falls, and the Linville Gorge trail (0.5 miles, strenuous) which gives you a view of the Lower Falls. Each one is worth the trip to see. Both of these trails are out and back and can be crowded on the weekends. The best time to go is from April to November.

The trailheads are well marked and trails are well maintained. For the more experienced hikers, you can do the full Linville Gorge Trail (Linville River Trail) for a full 28.6-mile loop and see the whole gorge. There are several other trails around the area to see more views of the gorge.

The Visitor's Center has a store, restrooms, and maps available. Do note that climbing on rocks or swimming in the water around the falls is strictly prohibited.

Take a day trip or camp near the falls for this wonderful experience along the Blue Ridge Parkway. 



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