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Pufferbelly Park and Playground

500 Myrtle Street, Ashland, VA, USA

Daily 8am-6:30 pm



A fun excursion for kids of all ages awaits at Pufferbelly Park!

Come relax while your kids are entertained by a playground, beautiful scenery, and a skate park! Pufferbelly Park is clean and safe, right beside a local police precinct. Here we found almost everything our family ever needs including spaces for riding bikes, skateboarding, and some lounging around the sandbox. There's even a geocache and a small library. The playground equipment is rather unique with ropes, an all-ability swing, a dome carousel, and a 360 two-person swing. My kids played on the “tower” playground, ran around with other kids, and when they finally tired of that they went and jumped on their bikes to explore the park and slide around on the skate ramps. This is a really nice spot to relax and spend a couple of hours outside with your entire family. 

There are multiple picnic tables and lots of shade so don't forget to come prepared for a few hours. The ground textures include grass, playground chips and a rubber asphalt mixture on the skate park area. Bring your lunch for a quaint picnic, or at least snacks and water, and also consider loading the trunk with sandbox toys, and toys with wheels - bikes, scooters, skateboards (and of course helmets!). We brought our bikes and even though the sign says no bikes, during the week there haven’t been any skaters so we learn new bike tricks when the skaters aren’t occupying the skate area. 

Parking is free on the street all around. It’s a great location for kids of all ages (even older skaters!).


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Thoughtfully captured by:
Carter Brown
After 15 years of sales, business development, and relationship building, Carter Brown started developing her own business of boy-momming 24-7. She went from executive-level sales leader with no kids to having 3 boys the next week... 2 months early. Native to Richmond, VA, Carter knows the local inside scoop for nature play and creative exploration locations. She is thrilled to be able to assist other parents in stress-free, purposeful planning and memorable experiences as well as join a team of amazing moms with Happyly.
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