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Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science

717 General Booth Blvd, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451, USA

Monday-Sunday 9am-5pm


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From animal exhibits to an adventure park and boat tours, this Virginia Beach aquarium has it all!

The aquarium is constantly hosting special events, virtual workshops, spring break camps, and other theme-specific activities for your kids to enjoy and engage with. There are thousands of animals from over 300 different species housed at the aquarium that will fascinate you and your entire family, and make you want to learn more about them and where they come from. 

Our favorite exhibit is the walk-through tunnel fish tank. Surrounded by assorted fish, sharks, and stingrays, you are sure to feel like you are under the sea, we enjoy sitting on the benches and watching them swim behind our heads (also a great photo opportunity). There is a stingray tank where you can pet and feed stingrays as they swim past. Though at this time, you cannot touch them due to COVID-19 restrictions they are still available to see. The staff is very knowledgeable and can tell you all about the different birds, fish, Komodo dragons, seals, sea turtles, and sharks. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there is only one path you can take throughout the aquarium, but they have several hand sanitizer stations set up throughout.

Throughout the aquarium, there are several restrooms and benches. We recommend bringing snacks, water, and comfortable walking shoes. We like to pack a lunch and stop around the gift shop to enjoy the view of the water while eating snacks or lunch and taking a walking break. When you first walk in, there is an opportunity to take pictures in front of a green screen, which are available for purchase at the end. There are also two gift shops, one in the middle, and one at the end with a wide variety of toys, games, jewelry, and others available for purchase. We recommend starting a wish list with your family and possibly taking pictures of their favorites toys, so you can purchase at a later date. 

The aquarium tends to get pretty busy in the winter months, on the weekends, and on rainy days, but they currently have limitations on the number of tickets offered each 15 minutes. Admission for the aquarium ranges from $17 to $25 depending on age, and memberships are also offered for families. Dolphin boat tours are also offered for an additional fee. People tend to spend between one and three hours here. Be sure to check the website for updates regarding COVID-19, as they make daily changes. Currently, they have the cafe and theatre closed and are not offering tours. 

The Adventure Park, you can get a different thrill by climbing through the different leveled ropes course and zipping through the trees on the ziplines. Anyone over the age of 5 is welcome to come challenge themselves with this fun and exciting activity. There are plenty of different courses that you can choose based on skill and ability, and there is something for everyone here. 

There are over 258 treetop platforms and 27 zip lines to go through, and you are able to go at your own pace all day to complete as little or as few as you prefer. Staff is also readily available for safety, guidance, and questions. 

Hours in the adventure park vary by season, so be sure to check out their website for current hours and openings. 

General admission for the aerial adventure park is $57 for ages 14+, $48 for ages 7-13, and $31 for ages 5-6. 

Make sure you buy tickets in advance on their website for both attractions.



Science Aquarium Zipline
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