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Volta Park Playground and Pool

1555 34th Street NW, Washington, DC 20007

Monday through Friday 11:30am - 8pm, closed Saturdays and Sundays (Rec Center)


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Kids can Picnic & Play at Volta Park in Georgetown

You won't be bored in this well-equipped space.

This beautiful, family-friendly park in the heart of Georgetown is great for every child, no matter his or her age or favorite sport! With an extensive playground (two separate areas), basketball courts, tennis courts, a small baseball/softball area, and picnic space this well-maintained park has something to offer for everyone in your family.

During the warmest months, Volta's pool opens and draws quite the DC crowd. There is also a fun and free summer concert series for families, hosted by Friends of Volta Park, a group of community members and businesses that were instrumental in seeing the park updated and renovated to its current beauty and functionality after it became decidedly run down by the mid-nineties.

Spooky History!

If you want to spook the kids – or yourself – you can tell them that Volta began as a cemetery where soldiers from the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and possibly even the Civil War, were buried.

Fear not - the bodies, however, were moved, according to Friends of Volta Park, at the end of the 18th century before the land became a park.

Nearby Eats and Attractions

Patisserie Poupon serves a great breakfast and delicious sweets just five minutes away on foot. Just a short distance past the bakery is Georgetown Neighborhood Library and Book Hill. For an unforgettable experience to round out your afternoon, check out Dumbarton Oaks for a peaceful time in a lovely garden space.

Additionally, &Pizza is half a mile in the opposite direction, down Wisconsin toward Georgetown.




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Two fun playgrounds in Georgetown!

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