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Westover Hills Elementary Playground

1211 Jahnke Road, Richmond, VA, USA

Sunrise - sunset



Playground for kids of all ages with shaded benches and covered umbrella at Westover Hills Elementary.

In the heart of the Forest Hill neighborhood, Westover Hills Elementary has one of the best playgrounds south of the river. We have seen kids from infancy in strollers to high schoolers here climbing all heights and swinging at this playground. There are basically 5 playgrounds at this one location as well as 2 large swing sets. The play areas include a large climbing mountain, a ton of slides of all sizes, PE fitness equipment such as balance beams and monkey bars, poles to climb, and hopscotch on the blacktop area. My kids love the blacktop and rubber ground material to ride bikes. The small kid playground is safely on rubber playground material so your little people are safe if they happen to take a fall. And watch out if your kids venture to the green large kids' section. It is about 25 feet tall and mine climbed straight to the top! There are so many different textures, ground materials (rubber, asphalt, grass, playground mulch), and play courses to challenge your kids minds and bodies. They will be tired after an adventure here!

The park is completely fenced in, has plenty of trash cans, picnic tables and benches. But just a warning, there’s no potty close by unless you stroll down Forest Hill to do some local shopping or treat yourself to a coffee or lunch. Parking is free and best if you park on Jahnke or in the bus loop during non-school hours. There’s a large pedestrian walkway and since it’s at a school, cars are mostly aware to slow down and yield. I even had some let my new bike riders show off and bike across the street in front of them, waving! We usually take our lunch and even go here if there's light rain in the forecast. There's a tall umbrella shelter if needed. 

The playground is also by the Community Center which has events but we've never been. Since this playground is at an elementary school, it's only open after school or on non-school days. There are so many friendly people we've met here and lots of diverse families. We love it!



Good for All Ages Baby Swings Rock Climbing Picnic Benches Big Kid Swings slides
Thoughtfully captured by:
Carter Brown
After 15 years of sales, business development, and relationship building, Carter Brown started developing her own business of boy-momming 24-7. She went from executive-level sales leader with no kids to having 3 boys the next week... 2 months early. Native to Richmond, VA, Carter knows the local inside scoop for nature play and creative exploration locations. She is thrilled to be able to assist other parents in stress-free, purposeful planning and memorable experiences as well as join a team of amazing moms with Happyly.
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