COVID-19 Week #6: The happyly Survival Toolbox

Published on April 17, 2020 - Updated on April 30, 2020

Learning Is Fun! Tools for keeping the kids engaged and overall happiness in the home!

The theme of our toolbox this week is Learning is FUN! Approaching the education of your little ones with that attitude makes all the difference. Whether they are learning science concepts, arts and crafts, cooking, biking or anything else, if they are having fun they will maintain a higher level of focus and stay busy for longer periods of time. This enables you more time to complete your own tasks, if you can tear yourself away from the fun they are having!

1) The Daily Schedule. Thank you for the continued feedback and great suggestions for keeping our Daily Schedule fresh and stimulating every week. It includes 16 blocks of carefully selected activities covering art, games, yoga, outdoor time and more. Access the printable version of the calendar, or view the document live and feel free to copy into a new document so you can adjust it to suit your needs.

2) Six Simple Science Experiments. Easy and fun learning opportunities with basic items available in most homes. Educate and amaze your kids, while having fun together. Video tutorials are linked to five of the experiments, so follow them to our YouTube channel where you can also find a story time series, as well as fun art activities from our partnership with "Banish Boredom" and more.

Banish Boredom

3) Creativity Corner. Each weekday you will find a simple and fun craft featured during a block of time on the Daily Schedule for artwork. The crafts and their material lists are available in the most recent installment of Five Simple Craft Ideas for Your happyly Homes so check it out ahead of time to make sure you have everything you need.


4) Featured Activity. This week is a continuation of The happyly Kids Writing Contest: What Makes My Town Special. Devised to celebrate positivity this exercise will reconnect them with what they value about their hometown. Let their imaginations run free! Follow the link above for all the exciting details. Additional opportunities are listed in this weeks blog about the benefits of contest application for kids!

A happyly Writing Contest.jpg

5) Scavenger Hunts. The Printable happyly Scavenger Hunts for fun ‘At Home’ or during ‘Outdoor Excursions’ was our featured activity a couple weeks ago. They were well-loved, so we are excited to include them in the toolbox again this week.


6) April Weeknight Meal Plans. Check out our April Weeknight Meals recipe blog to help plan out your grocery shopping and meal planning for the rest of the month of April! Every meal is proving absolutely delicious and energizing our love for accessible cooking, while providing manageable opportunities for the kids to pitch in and in most cases, inspiring them to try something new!

Slow Cooker Barbacoa recipe

7) Virtual Yoga with Monika. We love Virtual Yoga with Monika! The kids are energized and centered after every session. Each week going forward the Zoom meeting begins at 12 pm EST on Thursday. Access the updated link here, on our blog or in the “Centering Time” block of the Daily Schedule.

virtual yoga thursday.jpg

8) Live Sing-Along with Lara and Joe. Additionally, on Saturdays, we are hosting a live sing-along with The Lara and Joe Show! Requests are welcome and the little ones are up and dancing in no time. See you Saturday at 11:30 am EST on Zoom, the link is available here, on our blog and on the Daily Schedule.

Lara & Joe show

Please email us at if you have any questions, comments or ideas for The happyly Survival Toolbox. We also love seeing your highlights @gethappyly, so post away!

Be safe friends.

xo, the happyly team

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