Featured Activity: Chalk Games

Published on July 22, 2020 - Updated on March 15, 2021

Hours of entertainment are at your fingertips with a simple box of chalk!

There are so many creative ways to entertain your children outdoors with this easy tool. Spreading love and encouragement through chalk messages around the neighborhood, and on the sidewalk outside places like hospitals and medical centers, is especially an especially popular pastime during this time of social distancing. 

If you haven’t gotten your kids out to do that yet, give it a shot, it’s a truly uplifting experience, but if you’ve already done that there are countless other ways to create fun and creative games with just your chalk in hand. We’ve put together a few ideas for your family to stay active and entertained!



Draw a chalk bullseye with different numerical point values in each division. Using bean bags (you can even make your own with socks and rice or beans if choking is not an issue) or Take turns tossing them to earn points. Decide how many turns each person will have in advance and add the points up, You can make the point values higher as your children get older and children of different ages can stand at comfortable distances for each child. You can even make it a competition with themselves rather than against one another.

Follow the Line

This is a simple way to get exercise and have a little fun. Draw a continuous line with loops, sharp edges, and all sorts of different directions, so when you follow it you will be walking in a really silly way. You can even make two mirror images side by side and create a fun race out of it.

Self Portraits 


Lay down and have a sibling or parent draw your outline. Then use a variety of fun colors do dress and decorate yourself as you wish.

Obstacle Course

It is almost as fun creating the obstacle course as it is to complete it. You can use your imagination, everything from run, crawl and hop sections, dance here, whistle a tune, or clap ten times. You can even use your hopscotch from earlier as part of the fun. Exercise activities are a great way to work in some extra exercise, such as five squats or twenty jumping jacks - the options are endless. It is really fun to do it in a public place or on a walkway where the community can also enjoy it.


Chalk Hopscotch.jpeg

Draw a square pattern, generally two single boxes in a row followed by two boxes side by side followed by a single again and on. Number the boxes and come up with a marker to toss, such as a bean bag from the Bullseye game. If the bag lands entirely in a box, skip, that box when you are hoping. Do the entire thing using the same foot for the single boxes each time to practice coordination. It’s good exercise and great for developing balance. 

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Hours of entertainment are at your fingertips with a simple box of chalk!