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Published on June 23, 2020 - Updated on June 25, 2020

Experience Nature at Any Comfort Level: Kid-Friendly Walking Paths, Hikes, Waterfront Relaxation or Roasting S’Mores

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Summer is here and with physical distancing as part of our new normal, there is no better time to get outside and explore the world with your family (safely and with masks). If you’ve read our blog Build A Summer Bucket List, you’ll know that visiting more outdoor spaces is on our agenda!

Getting out to discover all that your area has to offer is easier than you may think. Day trips to nearby state parks are often overlooked but very rewarding adventures for people with every level of comfort in nature.

You can access beautiful, preserved land close to home in most areas. California ranks highest with a whopping 270 state parks, and even tiny Rhode Island boasts 15. When spending time with family in Pennsylvania, we uncovered what a hidden wonder state parks can be and made treasured memories!

Locating the state parks near your home secures valuable fresh-air fun while respecting the social distancing safety of your family and community. The state parks are designed with day-trippers in mind and all have something unique and special to offer, generally with ample space to wander.

Mix things up this week and explore one you have yet to visit - we have many already reviewed on the happyly website and app, or you can find a list of parks near you on stateparks.org. We haven’t been to all 10,000 yet but we assure you, they are on our to-do list!

For the Weekend Warriors or Families Seeking a Safe Vacation Option for the Summer of COVID-19


Did you know that there are 61 National Parks in 29 different states and 2 US Territories? While this is a life bucket list item for many people, after touring all your nearby state parks, the national park adventure may not seem so far off. We often hear about Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Yosemite, or Zion but there are so many available options driveable from anywhere in the country.

Visiting these preserved areas is a wonderful way to instill a sense of adoration for nature in your children while teaching them the importance of preservation. Even if you don’t have a National Park very close to home, you could always plan to drive the distance and make a weekend trip out of your visit!

My favorite style of travel is the Weekend Warrior way! To maximize my time, I usually pack the car on Thursday night and leave straight after work on Friday. There are many different lodging options depending on where you choose to go, from camping all the way up to full-service hotels. Check out our lessons learned blog Camping, Glamping, or RV Travel: What Suits Your Family? so you know before you go.

Arriving Prepared is the Key to Outdoor Fun


Whichever type of excursion you plan, choose the activities to prioritize in advance - hiking, swimming, boating, picnicking, biking, birding, or another favorite pastime. The options are limitless. You may end up doing it all, or find yourselves kicking back lakeside.

That’s what makes outings in nature perfect for every family, you can experience them at your own pace. That said, it’s always more relaxing when you come prepared and can let the adventure be your guide.

Bring the essentials so you’re ready for anything. Pack a cooler with a picnic and plenty of water. It’s important to refuel and stay hydrated, and even if you plan on an easy, short walk you don’t want to head back when you’re having fun because you didn’t bring a snack.

Access to the necessities also helps keep morale high. We also suggest bringing a change of clothes and shoes in case you come across a swimming hole or sandy beach that your little ones can’t resist!

Of course, it’s always easy to stick with what we know, but you may be surprised how much you enjoy stepping out of your comfort zone. Get some practice locally, and perhaps you’ll find yourself inspired by this new type of adventure.

Always be sure to ask your children what their favorite part of the day was when you head home or ask them to point out what made this new park special. Over time, you will begin to see which pastimes in nature bring your family the most joy and you will likely become a weekend warrior before too long!

As always, we welcome your family's highlights! Tag us on Instagram @gethappyly while you are exploring parks near you, and please introduce us to your favorite national or state park at share@happyly.com. We are eager to explore it (if we haven’t already) and also to feature it on the app and website in the near future! We can’t wait to hear from you!

We also encourage you to explore our blog for more inspiration from our featured activities, such as Plan A Picnic, Declare Today Your Favorite Holiday, Camp-In, Go Strawberry Picking, and many other creative ways to keep the whole family entertained and connected while still staying safe and maintaining a safe social distance!

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