Kicking Off A Winning Weekend

Published on March 20, 2020 - Updated on September 01, 2020

Creating Positive Distractions For the Whole Family

You've potentially been inside your house, social distancing, for the last five plus days. The weekend sounds lovely because you may have a break from paid work, however keeping your kids entertained while having time to get refreshed yourself is a new challenge. Now what?

It’s time to get creative! We're planning a Friday night family “camp out” in our house. There are so many fun ways to implement this plan depending on the weather and age of your kiddos. Join us in this weekend’s featured activity in whatever way works for your family while we all continue to respect social distancing.


Camp “In” 

1.Build a blanket fort, make some popcorn and settle in for a movie! 


2.Set up your favorite outdoor camping tent inside, add sleeping bags and cozy up.

3.Pull out your Kid-O-Bunk and string holiday lights across the ceiling for an evening under the stars.

4.If you have a camper, power it up and take the family "out" into the driveway or back yard for a change of scenery. Whether you cuddle up for a movie or game night, it feels like you're escaping to a fun new place

5.Set up the campfire and make s'mores and enjoy the sparkle of the stars and moon.


You’ll be having fun setting up your camping activities and enjoying some quality time with your family, so use this opportunity to support your local businesses. Give yourself a break from cooking because this is an important time to cheer on your favorite restaurant during a trying time. 

Explore no contact take out options and pick up pizza, chinese, thai, barbecue or anything that will be a hit for your campers. Ordering takeout is a simple way to help these businesses keep team members employed and earning a living for their families, and many restaurants are offering creative food deals paired with an adult beverage to take with you as well.  


What's worked well for you and your family? We look forward to and appreciate hearing your activity ideas at 

Also, please check out the blog for more inspiration from a list of Online Educational Tools, join as we Run For Fun With Our Kids or helpful tips on Adapting to Our New Normal in light of social distancing.

Take a moment to explore suggestions from the happyly team about Keeping Kids Active while Protecting Them, Yourself and the Community from the Coronavirus as well as the previously mentioned Daily Schedule For Preschool and Grade School. As always, we welcome your family's highlights! Tag us on Instagram @gethappyly!

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