Running For Fun With Your Kids

Published on March 19, 2020 - Updated on April 23, 2020

Adjusting Our Workout Needs While Exercising Social Distance

I’m a big fan of family exercise all the time but especially as we practice social distancing. For one, I need the endorphins to help me show up in a way I’m proud of and secondly, I've been making a lot of homemade bread and would love for my pants to still fit in a month! Most importantly, it secures additional fresh air necessary for every family member's well-being.

Being isolated all-day challenges our sanity and health. It is, of course, imperative in order to flatten the curve and ultimately slow the spread of the virus, but our typical winter routine involves skiing and a lot of fresh air. From what we've heard from the happyly community, yours also depends on active, outdoor time, exploring new places and moving!  

Since (non-virtual) social forms of exercise are not options right now, we're improvising. Our new normal requires a more thoughtful approach to maintaining a good headspace and we have a variety of recommendations for Taking An Active Approach to Self Care on the blog. Additionally, we are hitting the pavement. 


Running requires little planning and can be as simple as sprints in your driveway or circling the block together. My daughter is four, so, as you can imagine, she's not up for a 5k. Instead, we bring the jogging stroller, and she's happy to go on a shorter route that involves running and riding. I sweat a little and, most importantly, we all get sunshine and fresh air.  

In each of our active cities, happyly shares inspiration for stroller running routes. If you're staying close to home, check out your local walking path, high school track or a safe route around your block to get everyone moving. If you’re craving a long run there are tools you can employ to keep your kiddo engaged.

Incorporating a scavenger hunt proves an excellent way to turn a workout into a fun run for you both. Print a grid of pictures, explain what you are looking for before you begin and your child’s enthusiasm will soon follow. You will likely feel compelled to push yourself further in order to track down all or most of the items, and your little ones will certainly be thrilled by the game.

Scavenger Hunt Suggestions

  1. A Blue Car
  2. The Number 3
  3. A Yellow Dog
  4. A Flag
  5. A Flower
  6. An Animal Crossing Sign
  7. A Wild Animal
  8. A Street Sign WIth a Person’s Name
  9. A Pine Cone
  10. A Fence

running with kids

As an added bonus, you will interact with your little one throughout your adventure, so when it’s time to head home and zone back into work, you will have spent your time wisely. This tactic may even contribute to the development of a love of running for your child. From an early age, they will associate this form of exercise with fun and recall it fondly as a positive time with mom or dad. 

What's working well for you and your family? We look forward to and appreciate hearing from you at 

Also, please check out the blog for more inspiration from a list of March Weeknight Meals, join as we are Adapting to Our New Normal or if you are looking for family-team building at home, we recommend 100 Things: A Rewarding and Fun Family Challenge.

Take a moment to explore suggestions from the happyly team about Keeping Kids Active while Protecting Them, Yourself and the Community from the Coronavirus, our list of Virtual Educational Tools and Activities as well as our Daily Schedule For Preschool and Grade School. As always, we welcome your family's highlights! Tag us on Instagram @gethappyly!

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