A Letter to Our Happy Active Families

Published on December 06, 2018 - Updated on June 14, 2019


I'm Caitlin, a mom, a wife, a friend, a talent adviser, and a proud and excited team member of Happy Active Family. I have the pleasure of being a part of our vibrant team of dreamers and we are eager to invite you on this journey with us!

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to introduce you to our dream, our vision and for joining our Happy Active Family (www.happyactivefamily.com). We are on a mission to share goodness that makes family time fantastic by helping provide ideas for purposeful ways to share time with those you love. Whether you live in Jackson Hole, WY, or you're visiting, we hope to provide inspiration that will enhance the most precious entity of all; TIME! We are here to help take the guesswork out of finding awesome parks, stroller runs, hiking, and kid friendly eats- all using location-enabled services that consider time of day, weather and age appropriate options.

WHERE THE DREAM BEGAN...As a new mom, I found myself spending hours researching and reading blogs in search of great things to do with our kiddos on the weekends that would satisfy a variety of ages and interests. Then one day it clicked. We had a break between our older kids activities and were desperately trying to find a playground or hike near where we were watching lacrosse, I think I spent an hour researching and didn't come up with much that satisfied our needs. We saw a gap in what was available and thus began our journey towards creating a consolidated, easy to access, resource for parents and caretakers that would simplify this family planning time by eliminating extensive research. We wanted to create something that could bring balance back to our lives and allow us to do the things we loved doing before becoming parents - being outside in nature, playing and being active.

We have long admired the expertise of local bloggers to find great things to do with kiddos but noticed we needed to visit several different sites to gather the information necessary to plan a daily playground trip, weekend outing or vacation experience. Even then, we realized through our own research and exploration that there were gems of family goodness eager to be found and shared that were not at all easy to find information on. Even our beloved communities local knowledge is elusive and not always widely shared in an organized way.

Our business is a labor of love; a spare time and weekends and middle of the night creation fueled by our love for our own children, our community and our drive to have an impact. Happy Active Family was dreamt up by a ‘pain’ as new parents in searching for family friendly activities that nourished our pre-kiddo selves and that would teach our children to enjoy the little things in life.

We recognize that time is the most precious resource of all and our goal is to help streamline your ability to plan fulfilling weekend, evening and day time activities. We strive to build community by connecting people with happy, active experiences that nourish the soul and also help parents to find places and activities that are great for the whole family (like kid friendly restaurants and hiking).

I believe and our team believes in each person's innate purpose, and for us, we are setting out to change and positively influence the world through sharing.

Our website has been launched in Beta version and we are working on a mobile application to help make taking Happy Active Family with you even easier. Stay tuned and thanks for being part of our community.

With great respect and appreciation,

Caitlin Banks Iseler

Thoughtfully captured by:
Emily Coleman
Emily Coleman is a Jersey girl born and raised who caught the outdoor bug upon moving to Vermont to pursue a degree in Adventure Education and Environmental Studies from Green Mountain College. She spent most of her years before college deeply entrenched in the world of competitive cheerleading before discovering a passion for outdoor sports including mountain biking, white water kayaking, bikepacking, backpacking, slacklining, rock climbing, and skiing. Having been surrounded by children her entire life in her mother's daycare, she always had a strong affinity for kids. She moved to the mountains of Jackson Hole after graduating to coach for the local Kayak Club during the summers and nanny in the winters. Becoming a part of the Happy Active Family team felt like the perfect collision of her passion for building strong community bonds and encouraging an outdoor lifestyle.
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