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Barber Park and Playground

3701 Gatlin Ave, Orlando, FL 32812, USA

8am - 8pm (summer); 8am-6pm (winter)


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Barber Park features a playground, splash pad, skate park, multi-use hockey rink, dog park, and lots of green space for sports.  

The park is less than 5 miles and a short 10 minute drive from the airport. Need to stretch before a flight? This is a great park near the airport to do so!

This hidden gem is find in the Conway neighborhood and is mainly frequented by locals.  You’ll enter to find a lake with walking path welcoming you, as you’re led into the office building.  Pavilions surround the park, making a perfect place to eat a picnic lunch.  Bring a bathing suit and towel - the splash pad runs daily in intervals from 10a-5p and is free of charge.  Nearby you will also spot he volleyball court filled with sand, so bring sand toys to enjoy! The playground features two different sides – for older and younger, along with a full and half basketball court nearby.  The hockey rink is used for multiple reasons, including fitness classes and as a shelter for sports because of weather.  

Beyond the main part of the park, you will find green space used as sports fields. The gated dog park is near the greens, so no worries if your little one is trying to stay away from dogs, it is set a good distance from the playground.  The dog park itself is also divided into two sides, one for smaller dogs and one for larger, and both feature hoses for washing and giving your pet water.  Follow the path arou d to the other side of the park and you’ll find a small skate park if you want to practice your board or bike tricks. 

Barber Park is a true neighborhood park, featuring weekend birthday parties and youth sports, and pavilions to rent.  Once a month on Sunday it is the home of the Conway Community Market, featuring local vendors and food trucks. This park is a great spot to have a picnic, either on the grass or in one of the covered pavilions – bring a soccer ball or a kite to fly in its many open spaces. 

Need a bite to eat?  There are a few grocery stores within a 2 mile radius of the park, if you want to pack a picnic. Want to try some local flair?  Try out High Tide Harry’s on Semoran Blvd. for some fantastic seafood.  Prefer a quick place to eat? Drive towards the airport on Semoran Blvd and check out Mission BBQ, which is also next to a Chick-Fil-A if you prefer something easy with little ones!


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