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Boa Vista Orchards

Boa Vista Orchards, Carson Road, Placerville, CA, USA

7:30am - 6pm Daily open 363 days a year


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Boa Vista Orchards is a local farm on "Apple Hill" in Placerville, California open year-round. 

Boa Vista Orchards is open 363 days per year, making it one of the few farms on Apple Hill that is open year-round and not just seasonally. For five generations, the farm has been in operation since 1915 and is over 100 years old! They offer fresh produce, baked goods, hard and non-alcoholic apple cider, wines, beer, and barbecue. Guests 21 and over can taste their alcoholic offerings on site. Minors are not allowed in this area. We parked our stroller just outside the boundary line with our baby in it while we tried a few tastings and we could see them the whole time nearby. Apple, red and dessert wine tastings are available daily. Their wines are grown with produce from their own vineyards and their apple products all use their own orchard-grown fruit. 
I love to sit out on the back porch and take in the views of the orchard surrounding the property while eating apple cider donuts of course. Although Boa Vista Orchards is located on Apple Hill, they offer many other fruits and a variety of products. This is the biggest farm on Apple Hill and you will not find them in the Apple Hill brochure because they are so popular they don't need to advertise I guess. I first heard about them from family and friends who had been to Apple Hill before us and they recommended it as the number one destination on Apple Hill. 
They grow apples, Asian pears, berries, peaches, grapes, pears, and plums. In April they host an Easter egg hunt, strawberries come into season in May, cherries and lavender arrive in June, blueberries come in June & July, peaches are in in July, blackberries are available in August, and their busiest season is for the Fall Harvest (apple, pear and pumpkin season). This event kicks off at the end of August and gets into full swing after Labor Day and continues on until Thanksgiving. They have a pumpkin patch too. Then, to end the year, Christmas trees are offered on weekends after Thanksgiving until mid-December.
The apple goodies are my favorite. They have a ton of those as well as other fruit goods such as: apple cider, pies, pastries, donuts, fresh fruit, fruit butters, spreads, dressings, chutneys, jams, jellies, marmalades, honey, fruit preserves, pickled foods, hot sauces, soup mixes, condiments, wine, hard cider, beer, caramel apples and more!
The BBQ Grill & Deli serves traditional kid friendly favorites like sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, and more. 
Boa Vista Orchards also offers a take & bake freezer full of pies to bake at home. Grab one for your holiday meal. 
The Apple Hill website has a map of all of the growers in their association. But, Boa Vista Orchards is not on it. So, check out the other nearby farms on Apple Hill, but make sure to definitely stop at Boa Vista. 


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Jessie O’Kane
I moved from Northern California to Oregon in 2021. I have three girls, ages 5, 3, and 1. I was an elementary school teacher before I became a full time adventuring mama. My husband and I are foodies and we live in the forest. We enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest.
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