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Duck Donuts - 31st Street

Duck Donuts, Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Daily 7 am - 2 pm (schedule changes in parts of the off-season)



With a constant rotation of seasonal and fun flavors, Duck Donuts has something for everyone!

One of the things that sets Duck Donuts apart from other donut shops, is that they drop the batter and fry it when you order! It is the epitome of a fresh, hot donut. With a variety of donut options ranging from chocolate caramel crunch to key lime cheesecake, you will surely satisfy your sweet tooth here. Their made-to-order donuts start with a coating (like cinnamon sugar or icing), then you pick from a variety of toppings, and finalize it with a drizzle! Of course, they have fan favorites and seasonal options as well, if you need some ideas!

To complement your donut, Duck Donuts has a large coffee menu with iced coffee, lattes, hot chocolate, a coffee bucket for portable sharing, seasonal espressos, and iced tea. They also offer bottled Coke products, milk, and water. If you want to branch out and get something out of the ordinary, you can try one of their Donut Sandwiches. There are several options available, but all begin with a warm sliced donut with cheese, egg, sausage or bacon in between, and glaze and more bacon on top. Or you can leave your donut sandwich plain, it is up to you! You can also get a donut ice cream sundae, which is exactly what it sounds like, a donut with ice cream on top. 

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy your dessert, there are great options here for all! 


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Veronica Herkins
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