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Gas Works Park

3300 Meridian Ave N, Seattle, WA, USA

24/7 Not Lighted After Dark


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Enjoy amazing scenery while getting in a great workout at GasWorks Park!

Visiting GasWorks Park is a must if you are visiting Seattle and a perfect way to become a tourist in your own home if you are local! There is something so amazing about the Seattle skyline, and the contrast between the water, city skyline and mountain views that you see at the peak of this park is breathtaking! We didn’t know what to expect as we got out of the small parking lot, as you walk past the ________ biking trail and enter a big green field with old pipes and structures. It is a cool view, but the reason I’d recommend this park is for the giant hill trail to the right of the entrace. The paved walking path meanders up the steep hill all the way to the top. The dirt top has a couple benches and lots of room for people to stand. Not only do you have a clear view of the Space Needle and other skyscrapers, but it is right on the Lake Union as well. Kiddos will love watching the boats and this is the ideal location for a fun game of eye spy with so many amazing things to see. We did paddle boarders making their way right along the bottom of the hill, but after more research it seems that there is no official access to Lake Union from Gas Works Park due to its harmful sediment. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying a day with these views. 

I would highly recommend this park for those who want a serene walk, are looking for somewhere new to bring their pup, or as a family outing. It is super great for kids, however I would probably advise against bringing along wheels such as bikes or scooters, just because the path can get a little steep if your kids aren’t super strong bikers. I do think the path is doable for strollers, though it will definitely be a bit of an arm workout, so you might be better off wearing a carrying backpack or something similar if you have babies with you. There is no restroom here, but I think this is a bit of a quicker stop than other Happyly Seattle activities. This could very easily pair with a nearby playground or yummy cafe if you were looking for a longer adventure.

There is a north transfer station viewing room which is a great indoor stop as part of an outdoor adventure, but check before you go because it is temporarily closed to the public.


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Maddie Banks
I am a sophomore studying mathematics and business at Lehigh University. I love spending my time playing lacrosse, sewing, and traveling. I have 4 brothers and am one of the oldest of 21 cousins. Being from a big family, I have always loved watching the younger kids. I love knowing that through Happyly I am helping families spend more time together, because I know how much I love finding adventures to go on with family!
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