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Libby Hill Park

Libby Hill Park, East Franklin Street, Richmond, VA, USA



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Libby Hill Park offers scenic views and open spaces.

If you want to see what Richmond, Virginia is all about, there is no better place to visit than Libby Hill Park.  This park sits atop the historic and beautiful Church Hill neighborhood.  The park offers the most scenic views of Richmond's cityscape.  It is a popular place for photographers, as the views, and landscape are breathtaking.

When we visit the park we like to bring scooters or bikes, as there are plenty of paved sidewalks to traverse.  You can take in views of the city while scootering and appreciate the various angles and sites.  It is also fun to bring frisbees or soccer balls for the wide-open green spaces. You will often see people playing in these spaces and others reading, relaxing, and picnicking.  If you choose to come during the weekend, it certainly will not be a deserted park, but because of the layout, it is easy to find your own space and take in the city's beauty.

The park is super dog friendly, so make sure to bring your pup along! Unfortunately, there are no bathrooms at the park.  In a pinch, head to nearby Hill Cafe, a quick .2-mile drive/walk.

A popular bakery, Whisk, known for its delicious, Parisian-style macarons, is less than five minutes away by car.  We often grab decadent macarons before arriving at the park to enjoy both the stunning views and delicious treats simultaneously!


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Lindsay Garrison
Lindsay Garrison is a Richmond, Virginia based mom to two young children. A graduate of Chesterfield Schools and Randolph-Macon College, Lindsay is proud to call Richmond home. In the years prior to planning activities and outings with her own children, she was a French teacher. During her tenure she earned accolades for her creative teaching style and ability to connect with her students. She now applies the skills she learned when she was planning student trips to France, to her own family adventures. She can’t wait to take her own children to France one day!
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