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Little Red Shed at McMenamin's Edgefield

McMenamins Little Red Shed, Southwest Halsey Street, Troutdale, OR, USA

Monday – Thursday 4 pm – 10 pm, Friday 4 pm - midnight, Saturday noon – midnight, Sunday noon - 10 pm



The Little Red Shed's patio at McMenamin's Edgefield property is a place to relax and roam. 

The Little Red Shed is a cozy, tiny bar tucked away in the woods of the McMenamin's Edgefield property, a local hotel with multiple spots of interest to visit. Although the bar is for guests 21 and over and only seats up to 10 people, its patio is very large and accommodating to all ages. Guests can relax with an adult beverage (beer, wine, cider, distilled spirits, and cocktails) or their many options for non-alcoholic "working beverages." As a mom who's been pregnant or nursing for the majority of the last seven years, it is nice to be able to order a fun beverage without consuming alcohol. Sometimes I let my kids have a sip (or two or three) of mine. Their "working beverages" are "zero proof" (aka non-alcoholic) and include cans of soda pop (RC Cola, Diet Rite, 7-Up, Root Beer, and Ginger Ale), Bottled Water, Ginger Beer, Pineapple Juice, Hot Cider, and Hot Cocoa. They serve some specialty mixed drinks, too, such as Roy Rogers (RC Cola topped with grenadine), Shirley Temple (7-Up topped with grenadine), Shed Spritz (Pineapple juice, fresh-squeezed lemon juice soda & grenadine swirl), or Farm Furnace (Hot apple cider, fresh-squeezed lemon juice & a touch of honey). It's perfect because, on a frigid winter night, you can sit beside one of the fire pits and drink a warm beverage, or in the hot summer, you can sit in the shade with an iced cold drink instead. My husband has enjoyed the whiskey flight, pints of their craft beer, and the Rhubarb Gin & Tonic. 

You can order a few small bites (hummus plate, soft pretzels, or a Caesar salad), a couple of sandwiches (called "grinders") options, and a choice of five different kinds of pizzas. You can choose from 10 or 16-inch pizzas, and one of the larger ones feeds our family of 5. Or, in the summer, they have their food truck parked on the Little Red Shed's patio, which serves burgers and tots. They have live music in the summertime, and there is a very large grass area next to the patio that hosts their larger lawn concerts. So, my kids love to roll down the hills and crawl around while I watch, sipping my drink of choice. 

The restrooms are in the hotel up a flight of stairs, and cigars are sold at the Little Red Shed and permissible to smoke on the patio. However, our experience has been that this has been a rare occurrence. I only remember someone smoking a cigar once on a dark winter night, alone at their fire pit. The patio is large enough to move away from the cigar smoke, or you can go to the lawn area. You can take their food and drinks and roam around the property, which is large and has several other spots of interest, such as two gardens, a glassblower, a golf course, a movie theater, three different restaurants, and more! The property is pretty stroller-friendly as it is fairly flat and is either paved, grass, or wood chips. 

Relax and roam!


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Jessie O’Kane
I moved from Northern California to Oregon in 2021. I have three girls, ages 5, 3, and 1. I was an elementary school teacher before I became a full time adventuring mama. My husband and I are foodies and we live in the forest. We enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest.
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