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Cannon Valley Trail - Downtown Access, Main Street West, Cannon Falls, MN, USA

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This walking and biking trail begins in Cannon Falls, a small yet busy town with a population of about 4,200.

It’s a paved path that’s well cared for. This is in part because of the required Wheel Pass (If people are biking, skating, or boarding on the trail from April 1st to November 31st, they’ll need to purchase an annual wheel pass for $25 from the City of Cannon Falls). But it’s also well cared for because this city really cares about its outdoor spaces! Every park we passed along the trail was well groomed; litter was non-existent, garbage bins had been emptied, and even the picnic shelters seemed to have been swept recently.

This trail is very busy with bikers and walkers, so it’s ideal for families with kids who are good at sharing the trail. There’s also one section of the trail that goes right along the river (So pretty!) but doesn’t have a guard rail.  So, if you have curious kids who like to push their luck, be wary of this section. (This spot is on the trail between the Cannon Valley Trail fork and Hanna S Bend Park).

To access the trail, you can park in town on the streets (non-metered parking) or at the Cannon Valley Trailhead parking lot. These spaces are shared by the popular Cannon River Winery and Tilion Brewing Company so it can be hard to find a spot. So, pro tip: park in the nearby Riverside Park lot to get on the trail!


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