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Rancho Loco Grill and Bar

Rancho Loco Grill & Bar, 64th Avenue Path, Cannon Falls, MN, USA



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Rancho Loco - ¡Que Delicioso Este Restaurante! 

Rancho Loco Grill & Bar is located 3 minutes from downtown Cannon Falls. It's a cozy restaurant hidden behind the dollar store. It's so tucked away that I wondered if the GPS was leading us astray! But don't let its out-of-the-way location fool you. The food was delicious, and the service was quick and friendly. 

My daughter is a first-grader Spanish immersion student and was eager to practice her Spanish out in the world. Our server was patient while she stumbled over her words and seemed genuinely pleased to be speaking “Spanglish” with our table for the afternoon. He gave my kid a confidence boost and was kind and friendly to everyone in our party. 

They have a five-page menu with lots of different entrees to choose from, plus a kids' meal section that has both Mexican and American food options in case you have a picky eater. I highly recommend the Sopes dish which was like having taco fixings on a crispy corn biscuit instead of a tortilla. And if you like your Mexican fare extra hot, you should definitely try the puff taco which has a spicy yet sweet sauce on the steak. Even my picky eaters loved the food here. It was all perfecto! And it was a great way to fill up our bellies after a long day hiking along the Mill Towns State Trail nearby.

Prices here are within the average range for a Mexican restaurant, the serving sizes are well portioned, and the atmosphere was fun without being too loud or busy. This spot was definitely kid-and-mom-approved!


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