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Minnieska Park and Waterfall

Minnieska Park, Minnesota 20, Cannon Falls, MN, USA

Dawn to Dusk



Feed the swans and enjoy the waterfall of Cannon Falls at Minnieska Park!

This park was such a wonderful hidden gem.

In my opinion and the opinions of my four kiddos, the best adventures involve a waterfall, and this park checks that box! The small falls at Minnieska Park are created from Lake Fredrickson leading into Little Cannon River. It's surprising to see falls here because the park is right in the downtown area of Cannon Falls, and that only makes it feel more special.

This is not a waterfall you can splash in. (Though I saw some teens in the river at the falls, I wouldn’t suggest it for families, especially with young kids). But it’s the perfect picturesque spot for a picnic or a game of catch! It’s also part of the trailhead for both the Cannon Valley Trail and the Mill Town States Trail so you can go for a stroll after hanging out at the park as well.

However, the best part of this park is the swan pond. When we went, this fenced-in area was occupied by two Trumpeter swans, two Canada Geese, and some big fish. Not only did my kids get to see these gorgeous swans up close, but we were also excited to see that the area had several quarter-machines filled with swan food! My kids were so pumped to feed the birds (and I liked knowing it was healthy food rather than old bread bits from home that aren’t actually good for wild birds). The swans were so friendly and came right up to the fence edge and nicely nibbled the toes of my kiddos. Even though there was no playground at this park, it was an absolute win!


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Rachael Smith
Rachael is single mama of 4 with a Zoology degree that she never uses. She enjoys camping, going to the beach, and learning new things. Her favorite moments in life are spent mothering her kids, reading good books, writing good books, watching movies, and blogging about her family’s adventures. (All the best adventures must include waterfalls, cute animals, donuts, or ice cream.)
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