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Paradox Beer Company

Paradox Beer Company, Buffalo Court, Divide, CO, USA

OPEN: Thursday - Monday, Thursday: 12-9 Friday 12-8 Saturday 12-8 Sunday 12-7 CLOSED: Tuesday & Wednesday



Paradox Beer Company is nestled in the mountains in Divide, Colorado, and offers an outdoor seating area perfect for kids to play while parents relax in front of a roaring fire. 

One of our favorite activities is visiting family-friendly breweries around Colorado. Paradox Beer Company is a wonderful afternoon stop and can be easily paired with one of the many hikes in the area. The brewery is located right off of Hwy 24 and has a large parking lot. There are clean bathrooms inside. 

Paradox Beer Company has socially distanced seating, so they ask everyone to enter the front door and place the order. You can ask to get your family seated before ordering. This has never been a problem for us. Regardless of the weather, we like to sit outside. 

There are a variety of beers to try. I recommend getting some samplers to try as Paradox always makes interesting and different beers. (They specialize in samplers.) They have a kitchen that turns out some good food. The menu is not available online. Just ask at the bar. The kids are big fans of the giant pretzels and cheese dipping sauce. Two flatbreads quickly feed our family of five. 

There are plenty of tables outside. A large fireplace throws out lots of heat on cold days. The large field behind the fireplace is fair game for kids who need to run. There is one disc golf hole in the field. We always have a frisbee in the back of the minivan if the kids need another activity to do. 


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