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Quincy Park Playground

1021 N. Quincy Street Arlington, VA 22205

Dawn to dusk.



Quincy Park in Arlington, Virginia is both Kid and Caretaker-Friendly!

Quincy Park is a "universally designed playground" for children of all ages to enjoy and features unique, fun equipment that will keep kids entertained for a long time. Creative activities include a seated merry-go-round, swings, and climbing walls and other structures, all on astroturf. 

Designers regarded aesthetics with value, as the playground is lovely and boasts a huge personality. Fun literary quotes move throughout the space, displayed in mosaic tiles. There are many bright, colorful accents, but they did not overdo it with primary color overload. Pleasant musical elements found a way into the design as well.

There are covered picnic tables, and nursing mothers welcome the unusual presence of Adirondack chairs to replace the typical benches in at least one seating area. The comfortable chairs aren't the only evidence that Quincy’s builder considered caregivers in the design. One of the featured toys can seat an older child on a swing and a younger child in a bucket seat at the same time - what a treat for a parent with more than one child!

There are many unique features at Quincy that plant it firmly on our top five. It is both kid-friendly and caregiver-friendly. It is safe, fully-enclosed, comfortable, and spread out. It considers the needs of waddling ones, while still meeting the more adventurous requirements of their older siblings. A parking lot lies adjacent, and Arlington's Central Library is steps away as is Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Ballston Quarter lies about half a mile from the park, with Sweetgreen, Shake Shack, Ice Cream Jubilee and plenty of shopping at your fingertips. The Ballston Metro is across the street.


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