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Richland Creek and Greenway

McCabe Trailhead Parking, Wyoming Avenue, Nashville, TN, USA




Richland Creek is a fun spot to splash around for kids of all ages.

The Richland Creek Greenway is a three-mile loop that surrounds the McCabe Golf Course and park. It's a great place to push a stroller or let your kids burn energy on their scooters or bikes.  The path is about 6 feet wide, making it wide enough for 2 way traffic plus ability to pass others.

It's charm is the creek - the littles one will love running through the water, while the older kids try and catch fish and enjoy exploring. The water is clear and mostly ankle-deep, and you can access the creek in various spots throughout the greenway. 

The easiest access to the greenway is near Wyoming Ave parking lot.  But you can also access the greenway from multiple spots: you can park at the McCabe golf course, the White Bridge trailhead (behind Target), the parking lot off of Wyoming Ave, or at the baseball fields. The pictures attached are taken at a spot where the creek meets the train trestle. It's a large opening, with a long stretch of rocky shore. It's about a 15-minute walk from the golf course parking lot or the Wyoming Ave parking lot (looking at the golf course / green area, you head to the right.  The best access is a rocky beach area about half-way around the loop.  There are lots of fun, raised bridge structures along the three miles.  There are also several grassy spots, benches, and even picnic tables along the greenway.


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